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About Shaunda
Shaunda's artwork is featured in many private collections and businesses.
Shaunda is an Award winning artist, mother, and has s
erved 10 years in the Army. She was a highly decorated soldier, and competed in soldier of the year contests, which she won Battalion Soldier of the year.

Shaunda has earned three Associate's degrees in Art, Fine Art, and Art Education.
- What type of artwork you produce?
     I love to work with paint of all types. Most of my work has been painted. I also work in pencil and colored pencil on occasion.
- How many years experience you have?
     Around 9, I started my professional education in 2010,
- Why you do what you do?
    The act of creating takes my mind to a tranquil place where I can easily loose track of the worries and stresses that plague me. I do it because I am passionate about it.
- Your qualifications?
     I graduated with distinction. I fought to keep an A average in my coursework during my College years.
- Your contact details?
     Please contact me via e-mail at
- What is your policy on commissions? 
     I prefer to discuss details of the commission in person. Pricing varies on the style of work you wish to have, an abstract or representational work will cost less than a realistic work. Size and medium also play a part in pricing. I require 40% down payment to begin the piece, with the rest due upon completion. 
- Any additional services you offer?
    I offer one-on-one and group art instruction. Also, I take commissions for mural work.